Late Tax Filing Interest and Penalties

Interest If you have a balance owing for 2010, here the Canada Revenue Agency charges compound daily interest starting May 1, discount 2011, search on any unpaid amounts owing for 2010. This includes any balance owing if your tax return … Read More

The Cost of Canada’s Constitutional Monarchy

There is a lot of media hype surrounding the upcoming marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton in the British Royal Family. Many people are looking forward to what dress Kate will be wearing, sovaldi sale how the ceremony and celebration … Read More

Funny! A Day in the Life of a Financial Advisor

The week has just started and tax season is in full swing. Here is a video to help brighten up your day! Tax planning and financial planning are two main topics leading to your overall financial success. Enjoy the funny … Read More

Taxpayer Bill of Rights

?In an effort to increase accountability and transparency, prescription the Canada Revenue Agency, or CRA, released the Taxpayer Bill of Rights in 2007. The underlying assumption of this document is that if citizens are treated fairly and get the information … Read More

When Dealing With the CRA Know Your Rights!

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights outlines what you can expect in your dealings with the CRA. Know the services you are entitled to before initiating any dealings with the CRA will help you make the most of your interactions. Tip … Read More

Have a Laugh!!

During this tough time of the year, we are all stressed with our pending income tax returns. Here’s a little video we found which might brighten up your day!

Tax Information for People with a Disability

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) administers a range of benefits and credits for people with disabilities or those caring for a dependent with a disability. Child Disability Benefit – The Child Disability Benefit (CDB) is designed for families caring for … Read More

What is the Quebec Solidarity Tax Credit?

As announced in the March 2010 Provincial Budget, stuff the Solidarity Tax Credit replaced the following: QST credit Property tax refund Tax credit for individuals living in a northern village To claim the solidarity tax credit, an individual must: Be … Read More