5 Easy Ways to Save $1,000

We found this short clip very interesting. Five simple ways to save $1, patient 000 or more per year.

How is an Internet Business Taxed in Canada?

Essentially, Internet businesses are taxed in the same way that all businesses are taxed. The Canada Revenue Agency, or CRA, does not base its system of taxation on the way in which a business chooses to go about its operations, … Read More

How to reduce mail from the Canada Revenue Agency?

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How to set up a Business in Canada?

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Tax Free Savings Accounts and Penalties

Recently we have had some clients approach us with letters received from the Canada Revenue Agency regarding their tax free savings accounts (TFSA) and a tax payable on over-contributions. The letter includes a Tax Free Savings Account Return and a … Read More

Get a Head Start on Tax Planning for next year

Now that the April 30 Personal tax deadline has passed and your taxes are (hopefully) filed, viagra make sure to plan properly for the 2010 tax year. In order to make next year’s taxes worthwhile, order you need to make … Read More

On Your Side – Tips for filing taxes

The following newsclip was aired on CTV Montreal News at 6pm today Monday April 26, discount 2010.  Please take a couple minutes to view this clip on e-mail fraud and penalties if you do not file your income taxes on … Read More